Ash Connolly

Software Engineer

Currently working at SkyBet using React, JavaScript, Redux, Jest and Enzyme daily. I love building React applications, front end architecture, component libraries, and design systems. I’ve been doing this for around 8 years and had the pleasure of working with large clients like the BBC, WWF, and Microsoft.

Previous clients

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Sky Betting & Gaming

Developing a high performance login interface

I helped to develop what is currently the fastest login interface in the betting industry, comprised of a server side rendered login interface using React JS, Redux & Next JS. With a high traffic login page, experiencing upwards of 300 logins per second, delivering a fast and lightweight experience is vital. We carried out multiple performance audits in order to make the site as lightweight possible. These changes can massively improve user experience, user engagement, and impact company revenue. Along side this I also build new features and functionality across various core services, working mainly with React JS, JavaScript and Redux.

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Man & Van

Building a hybrid, cross platform, mobile app

Man & Van is a mobile application that makes it easy for users to find a reliable man and van nearby. Using React JS I developed the front end, creating all components, routing and interactions. This web app was built using Phonegap to generate an application for both IOS and Android devices. Alongside this I created a component library to make building interfaces as quick and easy as possible.

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World Wildlife Fund

Building a new component based front end system for one of the worlds largest charities

I had the pleasure of leading the front end development for one of the worlds largest charities. I created a flexible, component based front end system, coding guidelines and a living styleguide to make future updates and site maintenance as easy as possible. This made it easy to create unique page layouts by choosing from a selection of components. It also helped developers working on the site, but most importantly it led to a better, more consistent, user experience for site visitors.

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Creating a new front end architecture from the ground up

I led the front end development in building a new, scalable and robust front end architecture, combined with a living component library. This allowed developers to be more effective and agile, but most importantly led to a better UX for our users. I introduced front end guidelines covering everything from principles to code structure. I carried out front end performance audits, implemented site speed improvements, trained other members of staff to help expand their front end skills and improve their understanding of scalable design systems. I also built the foundations of an entirely new React JS based front end.

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A More Seamless Workflow – Style Guides For Better Design And Development

An article outlining the effectiveness of style guide driven workflows, and how they benefit both the design and development of an interface. This article has been well received, reaching over 46,000 views.

It's been mentioned by industry leaders, and has featured on both the Marvel Blog and FreeCodeCamp medium publication.

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Managing media queries

In this article I explain the benefits of component driven media queries. It covers how they are inline with flexible design systems such as Atomic Design and how they facilitate content driven media queries, as opposed to device driven media queries, to create the best experience.

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Side Projects

RawGit for Github (deprecated)

This chrome extension allows you to quickly convert Github links to RawGit links so that they can be used in development or production environments. It uses the brilliant RawGit, by Ryan Grove, to serves raw files directly from GitHub with proper content-type headers.

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Front End Development Guidelines for HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS guidelines for creating scalable and maintainable front end structures, using logical, component based CSS. Covering concepts and principles through to specific CSS structure. I have built up these guidelines over several years, working various roles at different organisations.

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Line Height Adjuster

A chrome extension that allows you to adjust the line height of any website to give a better reading experience. It offers a simple slider to adjust line height within a reasonable range, but if more line height is required you can enter a value in a manual entry box.

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