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Ash Connolly

I'm a front end developer & designer, writing code at U Account, based in glorious Sheffield, UK. I create scalable and maintainable front end development systems, using logical, component based CSS.

I work with large household name clients like BBC Children In Need and I recently led the front end development of the new World Wildlife Fund website.

I'm familiar with design and development workflow best practices, using modern tooling, to maximise efficiency and flexibility.

I'm always interested in being part of challenging new projects. If you think I might be able to help I'd love to hear from you.

Blog Posts

A more seamless workflow – style guides for better design and development

An article outlining the effectiveness of style guide driven workflows, and how they benefit both the design and development of an interface. This article has been well received, reaching 37,000 views and 11,000 reads.

It's been mentioned by industry leaders, featured on the Marvel Blog and is also part of the FreeCodeCamp publication on Medium.

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Managing media queries

In this article I explain the benefits of component driven media queries. It covers how they are inline with flexible design systems such as Atomic Design and how they facilitate content driven media queries, as opposed to device driven media queries, to create the best experience.

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Side Projects

Front End Development Guidelines

An ongoing, continually updated, repository of my personal front end development guidelines. Utilizing Atomic Design, Object-oriented SCSS for modular development and CSS guidelines / ITCSS.

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Rawgit for Github

This chrome extension allows you to quickly convert Github links to RawGit links so that they can be used in development or production environments. It uses the brilliant RawGit, by Ryan Grove, to serves raw files directly from GitHub with proper content-type headers.

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Line height adjuster

A chrome extension that allows you to adjust the line height of any website to give a better reading experience. It offers a simple slider to adjust line height within a reasonable range, but if more line height is required you can enter a value in a manual entry box.

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